Diabetes is a disease that shows up frequently during HPI and Self-Evaluation in Annual Wellness Visits. Prediabetes (Metabolic Syndrome) is also one of the most common chronic states that is an unexpected finding during such visits. This is not surprising considering that according to CDC, about 30M Americans or roughly 1 out of 10 is diabetic. But more importantly, 1 out of 4 don’t know that they are diabetic. In fact, an outstandingly high 84 M have prediabetes and a full 9/10 don’t even know it. This is the huge potential that your practice can help.

The risk of death among diabetics is 50% higher than the rest who don’t. But they are also at a higher risk for blindness, limb amputation, heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure. Catching prediabetes early during an Annual Wellness Visit is easy because they typically come in overweight, in their 40s,  sedentary, possibly hypertensive and may have family history positive for diabetes.  This is a condition that flies under the radar and is frequently uncovered incidentally by a sharp clinician.

Prevounce makes sure that you don’t miss any interview questions that pinpoints to prediabetes or diabetes even without FBS or RBS results. With Prevounce, clinicians can definitely point the way to better health with more opportunities for nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Prediabetics (metabolic syndrome), can be educated on weight management, exercise, nutrition, and cessation of habits like excessive alcohol intake that can worsen the condition.

Because Prevounce is able to improve partnership with your patient through better identification and management, there is less emotional, physical and financial toll. Just imagine how grateful your patients will be if your preventative measures can save them a life of medication, frequent doctor’s visits, daily blood glucose testing, and diabetic health complications. Your patient-centered intervention and subsequent visits will also lead to increased practice revenue.