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CCM and RPM: Serving the Sickest Population Boosts Practice Revenue

by Mary Byron • February 21, 2019

CMS has now leveraged technology to bring better care to patients suffering from chronic diseases. With CCM and RPM, these patients are now spending less time hospitalized for their multiple conditions and spending less from conflicting medication. Best of all, exacerbations and downslides are prevented and the interval of wellness where patients are productive and […]

CCM: Impacting Patient Health and Practice Revenue Through Improved Outcomes

by Mary Byron • August 19, 2018

Medical providers have often expressed frustration over the fact that much of the care they provider their patients occurred between billable patient office visits. In response to these types of complaints, Medicare and private insurers and have progressively made non-face-to-face interactions between patient and provider increasingly billable over the last few years. Chronic Care Management […]

Depression and Suicide Among Older Adults: The Benefits of Screening and Prevention

by Mary Byron • June 20, 2018

Depression and suicide when seen through the eyes of 14-year old songwriter Mike Altman is pretty chilling. But depression actually cuts through demographics and financial status. Lately, the close succession of suicides of high-profile, successful personalities like musician Avicci, actor Vern Troyer, designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain affirm the alarming findings of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that suicide is on the rise in the United States […]

Improving Healthcare Proactively With Increased Patient Engagement

by Mary Byron • May 27, 2018

In a study conducted by West and Kelton Global in 2017, it seemed that there was widespread dissatisfaction with the American Healthcare System with about 43% of surveyed patients expressing frustration. Only 20% were optimistic and the rest admitted to varying degrees of stress, disappointment, and happiness. As if to add insult to injury, 48% […]

Grab More Face-to-Face Patient Time

by Mary Byron • May 16, 2018

Increasingly, Doctors are spending more time charting and less time with patients. A study published in Family Medicine in 2018 found that while an average patient visit had around 16 minutes of face-to-face patient time, it was accompanied with 19 minutes of charting, documenting and administration.  An Annals of Internal Medicine study tells an even […]

The Impact of Interactive Preventative Records On Your Practice’s Health

by Mary Byron • May 2, 2018

An interactive patient health record that is evidence-based and up-to-date with future visit/s recommendations help doctors make better decisions. More visits improve revenue but beyond that, an intuitive portal focused on preventative health like Prevounce, pinpoints at-risk patients with accuracy and raises flags for proper and timely intervention. How much impact do preventative measures have the patient’s […]

Improving the Health of High Risk Diabetics and Prediabetics Through Preventative Visits

by Mary Byron • April 22, 2018

Diabetes is a disease that shows up frequently during HPI and Self-Evaluation in Annual Wellness Visits. Prediabetes (Metabolic Syndrome) is also one of the most common chronic states that is an unexpected finding during such visits. This is not surprising considering that according to CDC, about 30M Americans or roughly 1 out of 10 is […]

The Annual Wellness Visit and Your Practice

by Mary Byron • March 24, 2018

Every time a patient walks into a clinic there is an opportunity to treat disease at the most opportune time to promote wellness, manage existing chronic conditions and prevent the progression of a familial or lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. According to CDC, if everyone in the United States received […]