February 5, 2024

2 min read

Prevounce Scholarship Announcement: Dana Lofton

Prevounce Health, a leading provider of remote care management software, devices, and services, congratulates Dana Lofton, recipient of the third annual Prevounce Preventive Health Undergraduate Scholarship.

Dana Lofton HSThe Prevounce Preventative Health Undergraduate Scholarship was open to students entering or already established in an accredited, U.S.-based undergraduate program who are pursuing a career in healthcare. Lofton is originally from Atlanta and now attends Louisiana State University where she is pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

Q: How did you develop an interest in healthcare?

Dana Lofton: My interest in healthcare grew from my love of animals and helping people. My interest in veterinary medicine also stems from my personal experiences with pets and the exposure to the field I've had through volunteering, internships, and educational programs. Even though I'm not established in my career, I've already had the privilege to work with animals. 

Q: What do you like about healthcare?

DL: I like the inclusivity of healthcare and how it is designed to help everyone around the world. Growing up in a small town and having had animals almost all my life, I've seen a lot of the struggles they must endure. Seeing strays on the street and at times not having much to take care of my own animals pushes me harder to obtain my degree. Animals are silent, so I want to be a voice for them.

Q: What are your career ambitions in healthcare?

DL: In the short term, I would love to get more experience in veterinary medicine. Getting my degree will help me get a lot of this experience. I want to see and learn more and be mentored more about a variety of animals along my journey to becoming a veterinarian. Being able to take care of something someone loves is a great accomplishment. Knowing I would have that responsibility as a veterinarian pushes me toward my desired career.

Long term, I want to have my own practice where I can help an array of different animals, from exotics to small animals. I would mainly want to focus on working in a smaller communities that may not have access to a veterinarian. I'd like to eventually have multiple practices around the country once I become established. I can hopefully help so many animals in my own city and cities around the world. I want to offer my help to shelters and families that don't have the resources to take care of their own.

Q: How will receiving the scholarship help with achieving your academic and/or professional goals?

DL: Winning the scholarship is a great honor, and it will truly help me with my undergraduate studies. A lot of people struggle with finances when it comes to school, and I am no different. Receiving the scholarship will take off some of the burden of worrying about how I will pay for my education and the pursuit of my degree. 

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