Prevounce Announces 2nd Annual Preventive Health Scholarship Program

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by Don Daily

Prevounce Health, creators of the Prevounce Care Coordination Platform, announces a call for entries for its annual Preventive Health Scholarship Program.

The program will award one $1,000 undergraduate and one $1,500 graduate scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year based on career ambitions, leadership, academics, achievements, and submission of an essay on a subject selected by Prevounce Health.

"The first year of the Preventive Health Scholarship Program attracted hundreds of impressive applicants, which made the decision to continue the program an easy one," says Daniel Tashnek, founder of Prevounce Health. "Awarding scholarships is a way for us to demonstrate our support for and belief in higher education and the essential role it plays in preventing illness and disease. Our scholarships help pay the tuition of extraordinary individuals working toward careers in the industry we proudly serve. Prevounce looks forward to awarding scholarships to two additional worthy students seeking to strengthen our healthcare system."

The undergraduate scholarship is open to students entering or already established in an accredited, U.S.-based undergraduate program who are pursuing a career in healthcare. The graduate scholarship is open to students entering or already established in an accredited, U.S.-based graduate program who are pursuing a career in medicine, nursing, and/or public health.

Applications are due by Oct. 15, 2021. Recipients will be notified around Nov. 1, 2021.

Here is more information and how to apply for a Prevounce Preventive Health Scholarship.

About Prevounce 

The Prevounce Care Coordination Platform simplifies the provision of annual wellness visits, preventive care, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring while ensuring that all requirements for Medicare reimbursement and compliance are met. Prevounce provides resources and support that are custom-tailored to your practice, allowing you to focus on providing good care to your patients and to reduce the time spent on tedious paperwork. Prevounce's goal is to allow practices of all sizes to implement comprehensive patient wellness programs that increase their practice revenue, patient engagement, and clinical staff efficiency. Learn more at

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